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Our PrePress team brings a wealth of design knowledge and industry experience to every project. With the latest CTP (Computer to Plate Processing), we can make your design files print ready, provide consultation on color and materials, and find economical ways to set-up your project for print.

Preferred File Specifications

• All linked (or embedded) fonts and original art files should be included in your file(s).
• Try to avoid screens that drop out to zero dot in vignettes and halftones, as they will create a hard break.
• Reversing text out of process work is not recommended. If needed, outlining or providing a solid background around the reverse helps.
• Normal text should be at least 5pts, larger if the font is condensed. Reversed out text should be at least 6 pts. Serif type fonts may need to be larger, bolder, or bumped to hold open
on press.
• Rule lines should be wider than .5pt.

Full Requirements: Art Guidelines
We recommend that you print this page (FilePrint… in most browsers) and keep these specifications handy when you
prepare your artwork.

To upload large files, contact your
sales representative about our FTP service